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Core Features

How it Works
Are you worried about your examinations coming up? Generix Pro will help you prepare for your upcoming examinations with:
  • Diagnostic Pretest to help you know your areas of strength and weakness
  • Simulated computer based exam which allows you to sit for any of the past years exams or a randomly generated exam of matching standards
  • Links to external content that allows you to review particular learning topics and improve your performance
  • An analytics history dashboard that allows you to track your progress as you prepare for the examination
The Generix Pro software also
  • Gives you an idea of how you may perform in the actual examinations
  • Helps you compare progress with your classmates to determine what area the school needs to provide additional tutoring and assistance
Once you practice with the diagnostic pre-test for each particular subject, nothing the real test will throw at you should come as a surprise. The Generix Pro analytics system builds a detailed breakdown of your test performance. This breakdown will expose your strengths and weaknesses. You will be given links on how to access related learning materials and content that will improve your scores
Diagnotics Pretests
You can start using Generix Pro right away by taking the Diagnostic pretests available for the exam you are preparing for. The diagnostic pretest can be taken in timed/untimed mode to allow you gauge your performance on multiple levels.
Exam Tests
The Examinations tests provide you with simulated exam environment with which to practice for the actual examination. These examination tests differ from the actual exams in several ways:
  • The actual exam is usually paper based (NECO, WASSCE, JAMB)
  • You can pause a test and resume later on with Generix Pro, in the actual exam, the entire exam is taken at a sitting without any possible breaks.
  • Your performance is viewed instantly at the end of the examination, in the actual exam, you usually have to wait for several weeks for the results to be returned to you.
These differences are deliberate as Generix Pro is intended to help you prepare adequately for what might be the most important examination of your life!
The analytics dashboard allows you to view your performance in a detailed fashion. You can print out your examination performance analysis and share it with your parents, teachers or friends for them to assist you in strengthening your weaker areas and maintaining your strengths
Generix Pro gives you access to learning content that can aid in your preparation for the exam. Some of these content are provided by Generix Pro, while others are provided by external bodies and organizations for free or for a nominal charge. Before using any of the content, please read our ‘External Link Notice’